Water Meters Installed

“Following several years of low rainfall, combined with very dry summers, the Essex Water Company has installed water meters outside the premises of most of its customers. Previously fitted to some commercial premises and available only as a chargeable option for private consumers, these meters have now been installed free of charge by the Company. The extra charges that many householders have been paying for the use of a hose or garden sprinkler will now disappear and future charges will be based on actual consumption. This arrangement will undoubtedly mean that large households will find themselves paying rather more than hitherto whereas many couples and single people will have smaller water bills. The Company has gone to considerable lengths to acquaint the public with the need for and advantages of the new arrangement, and the detailed figures in their literature, which identified water and sewerage charges, underlined the fact, to the surprise of many, that it costs more to pour water down the drain than to draw it from the tap in the first place.

The standing charge for water supply will be £29.00, with supply metered at 49.4 pence per cubic metre.

The standing charge for sewerage will be £31.34, with a charge of 71.64 pence per cubic metre”