Walters Farm Sale raises question about Listing

A petition, raised by Mrs S Barnetson, has received over 1000 signatures from local residents concerned about the Listing status of one of the few remaining 18th century buildings in the village. Now surrounded by twentieth century housing in Watchouse Road, Walters Farm and its outbuildings are popularly regarded as a valuable link with the past. Many see the recent Sale as the forerunner to modern development and even demolition of this old homestead. Hopes that the property might have the protection of Listed Status have been quashed by the statement from The Department of National Heritage:

‘…..The buildings have been assessed by English Heritage, ….Walters Farmhouse appears to be a mid-nineteenth century farmhouse, which is not of sufficient special architectural interest to qualify for listing.’ They have commented that although the Chapman and Andre map of 1777 shows buildings on this site, this 1777 farmhouse must either have been demolished or radically altered in the mid-nineteenth century. …..although the L-shaped brick building is either late eighteenth century or early nineteenth century in origin, a number of window openings have been inserted and as a result these buildings are considerably altered in appearance. They have concluded that these buildings do not possess sufficient historical or architectural interest to merit listing.

Having carefully considered all the available evidence, the Secretary of State has decided to accept English Heritage’s advice and will not therefore be adding these buildings to the statutory list.