Village Watch seeks a new Committee

At the Annual General Meeting, held in November, Galleywood Village Watch heard chairman, Mrs Janette Potter, recount the poor attendance at the three meetings that had been organised during the year. An afternoon meeting planned for mothers with young children had to be cancelled when no one turned up. A demonstration by the Sandon Police Dog Section was poorly attended and only twenty people came along to meet the new Crime Prevention Officer when he spoke about problems particularly connected with Galleywood. Mrs Potter was concerned that our speakers should find themselves embarrassed by such poor support.

As there had been no nominations for the committee, some discussion followed regarding the future of the organisation. Mrs Betty Rowland and Mr Edgar Mooney agreed to be responsible for holding the membership records and funds amounting to approximately £17 until such time as a new committee might be formed. Mr Dunham offered to attend meetings with the police at Moulsham Lodge and Mrs Gamlin proposed a vote of thanks for the retiring committee.

PC Kevin Bailey said that the police were keen for the Neighbourhood Watch to continue in Galleywood and he would liaise with Mr Ireland with a view to holding a public meeting. After the meeting closed, all those present were invited to stay for mince pies and a glass of sherry, provided by Mrs Potter.