Village Design Statement Workshop

Early in the year a small working group was formed to consider the preparation of a Village Design Statement. This document would describe the physical qualities and characteristics of the village and the values these have for local people. The aim would be for the Statement to be eventually linked with the formal planning system and to influence future planning and development decisions. Recognising that development and change must take place if the countryside is to remain alive, the working group planned a consultation process with local residents.

In June a Photo Fun Day was organised. Letters were sent to every home and a day of activity was set up based at Keene Hall. Groups were assigned various designated routes around the village and given two disposable cameras. The task was to record any features, desirable or otherwise, that they felt should feature in a photographic survey of the village. Results were quickly processed and the teams given the opportunity to paste these up as a presentation of their key findings on their route. Refreshments were provided throughout the day and all who took part entered into the spirit of the exercise with great enthusiasm and dedication.

The process will continue during the year with a further questionnaire to all residents, leading to the ultimate submission of a draft document for approval by the Chelmsford Borough Council.