The Parish comments on the Borough Plan

“The planning committee of the Parish Council has reviewed the Chelmsford Borough Plan and is making the following recommendations:

  • No variation to be made to the Green Belt boundary.
  • There is a need for affordable housing and we hope that sympathetic consideration will be given to applications of this type.
  • We wish to ensure that no change in usage or extension for industrial purposes in Bakers Lane. The location is more suited to residential than industrial use.
  • We wish the allotment gardens in Chaplin Close to be retained.
  • We consider Chelmer Park to be underdeveloped as far as leisure is concerned and would like to see sporting facilities extended to include a bowling green.
  • Shops, other than those shown in the shopping area must be retained for the benefit of parishioners.
  • Deadmans Lane is shown on a map dated 1789 and should be designated by the County Council as a protected lane and indicated accordingly in the proposals map.

The Parish Council has identified a need for improved health and banking facilities and hope there would be no objection to these.”