Swimming pool death man took his own life

A Galleywood Company director who died in his own swimming pool in January was suffering from severe depression and took his own life; a Chelmsford inquest heard. David Owen, 51 was found dead in his outdoor swimming pool on Sunday afternoon January 13. A police report revealed that Mr Owen had removed his coat and folded it neatly with his wellington boots placed together at the pool side. A note was also found at Mr Owen’s home. Coroner Dr Malcolm Weir told last weeks inquest, ‘Mr Owen was obviously very distressed and it is sad that I must record a verdict without taking into account the event leading up to his death. He knew what he was doing as he unhooked the tarpaulin covering the swimming pool.’ Mrs Eileen Owen was moved to tears as she described her husband’s state of mind. She said ‘He was worrying about everything. He felt everything was crashing in on him and he got things totally out of proportion. He was worried about the maintenance of the swimming pool when he had no need to. I realise now just how ill he was.’ Mr Owen was being treated for depression by his GP and a doctor had been called to visit him shortly before his death. The cause of death was recorded as suffocation due to drowning.