St Michaels School to cut Pupil Numbers

The following Notice appeared in The Essex Chronicle on February 21


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, in accordance with Section 29 of the Education Reform Act 1988 that THE GOVERNING BODY, OF ST. MICHAEL’S C.E.(AIDED) JUNIOR SCHOOL, BARNARD ROAD. GALLEYWOOD, CHELMSFORD, ESSEX, CM2 8RR being the Admissions Authority for the School, propose to apply to the Secretary of State for Education and Employment for an order reducing the standard number of the school from the current 85 to a new standard number of 70, with effect from 1 September, 1997. Section 26 (S) of the 1988 Act provides that any 10 or more local government electors for the area, or the Governors of any school affected by these proposals, or any local education authority concerned, may within a period of 2 months after the first date of publication of these proposals submit an objection to the proposals by a letter addressed to the Secretary of State for Education and Employment, Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, Westminster, London, SW1PP 3BT

David W Cook Chairman of Governors


1. The Education Reform Act 1988 required that from 1 August 1 1992, all County and Voluntary Primary Schools must be prepared to admit pupils up to at least their standard number, calculated as set out in the Department of Education and Science Circular 6/91, or to any higher limit which may have been fixed for the school. Admission authorities no longer have the right to set admission limit lower than the standard number.

2. The existing accommodation of the school listed above when assessed in accordance with the methods recommended by the Department of Education and Employment is insufficient to allow this standard number to be admitted consistently each year.

3. The proposed standard number represents the maximum number of pupils which could be consistently admitted each year to the school having regard to the method of assessment referred to in 2 above.

4. The forecast Year Three admission for 1997/98 is 56.

5. A copy of the calculations on which the proposals are based is available for inspection at St Michael’s C.E. (Aided) Junior School, Barnard Road, Galleywood, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 8RR.

20 February 1997