Rainbow Club Protest

“Over seventy five people attended a public meeting held at the Keene Hall on the 26th October to protest at the proposal by the Essex County Youth Service to withdraw support for the Rainbow pre-school club in order to redevelop the premises to cater for an older age group.

The chairman of the meeting, Parish Council chairman Ted Hawkins, introduced representatives of the County Youth Service and outlined the background to the Club which had been open for over twenty five years and was currently catering for fifty-five local children for five mornings each week. Maureen Leigh, chairman of the playgroup, spoke of the strong local feeling aroused by the threat to close the club, and protested at the lack of response to their repeated appeals to the County Authority for clarification of the proposals. Tim Wakely, representing the Youth Service, responded by apologising for the way the situation had been handled, and expressed the hope that the evening’s discussion would help both sides find a way forward. His responses to a number of searching questions did little to satisfy his audience. They were more reassured however by the closing remarks of County Councillor Paul White who gave his undertaking to seek a conclusion that would be acceptable to Galleywood residents.”