Plea for Race Course Icons

The chairman of Galleywood Common Association has issued a rally call to save the rails which still mark the route of the old race course. Large crowds used to gather at the Common to watch horse racing until the course closed in 1937. Writing in the GCA newsletter, David Stacy said ‘They are icons of a bygone era. They no longer serve to protect the excited punters from the thundering hooves of the steeplechasers but much of the old track remains. It’s likely that few of the rails we see today are genuine antiques, but as instantly recognisable symbols of this piece of history we think the fence is worth preserving’. Mr Stacy said he was sad to see the rails in such a ramshackle state and is keen to have them restored ‘We see a complete renewal, one section at a time, as being the only practical and economic way to deal with this project.’