Man found hanged

A Chelmsford caretaker was found hanged at his home in Kirkmans Road on March 27 by his mother in law, Brenda Baldwin. Round the 32 year old man’s neck was a flex noose and hanging from the open loft hatch above the stairs was three foot of flex. A post mortem examination gave the cause of death as asphyxiation due to hanging. The inquest at Witham heard that Mr Taylor’s wife Lynda had left him in January and then returned again. She left for a second time on March 23, four days before her husband, who worked for the County Council, committed suicide. Mrs Baldwin said “The first time they parted he was in a bad way. He said he was going to top himself, but I told him not to be so stupid. Neighbours phoned to say they had not seen Mr Taylor and when I went over the next day I found him on the stairs and telephoned the police.”