Junk Swap

A new concept in recycling was sponsored by the Borough Council in March. The public were invited to bring along to the Keene Hall unwanted household items. They were then able to take away anything that took their fancy, with no money changing hands. Items had to be non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-electrical. Knives, household chemicals, light fittings and soft furnishings without a fire proof label were banned. A special section was arranged for old Mobile Phones, Spectacles, Printer Cartridges and Computer equipment that was to be passed on to Charities. Staff from the Council were present to advise on all aspects of recycling with a wide range of posters and leaflets on the subject.

A short questionnaire was offered to gauge public awareness on the issue and the need to divert waste from landfill sites. Most who came along were grateful for the opportunity to clear out unwanted items and some went away with some new treasures. By closing time at mid day, there was, however, a considerable residue of stuff that could not find a new owner and the Council were left to collect this for further sorting elsewhere.