A snapshot of life in the village
1987 - 2007




Janette Potter persuaded to stay in office

After serving sixteen years as a Parish Councillor, Janette Potter decided to concentrate on her role as a Cabinet member at the Borough Council. She joined the Parish Council in 1991 and served as vice-chairman under Ted Hawkins and as chairman from 2002/3. Alongside her work for Galleywood where she served on all the various sub-committees; she was serving as a Borough Councillor and was elected deputy mayor in 1995/6. She has been a cabinet member of the Borough Council since 2003. Her resignation from the Parish Council in October was accepted with some reluctance and it was perhaps a measure of the contribution she has made to the village community over very many years, that she was co-opted in December to rejoin the Parish Council to represent West Ward.

Achievement award for Jane

Eighteen people were recognised at a ceremony in October organised by the Essex Chronicle Media Group. The Essex Achievement Awards were presented to people for exceptional service to their community during the year. Among them was Jane Head, an aerobics teacher who has led the warm-up session for thousands of women taking part in the Race for Life event in Hylands Park. She has encouraged women to raise money for Cancer Research and been an inspiration to those facing cancer themselves.

The event this year was extra special for Jane who was celebrating a decade of being clear of cancer herself. Jane is, of course, well known to many parishioners as the clerk to the Galleywood Parish Council.

Gipsies invade Jubilee Park

A group of around 50 travellers set up camp in Jubilee Park early in September. A dozen or so caravans along with cars and lorries drove on to the field on a Monday night. Within hours the play area in the park had been taken over by youngsters from the group, prompting clashes with local children. Local parents declared the park a no-go zone and boycotted classes at nearby pre-schools. Residents say that more authorised sites are needed across the county to prevent further illegal camping.

Parish Council chairman John Turkentine said: 'Everyone is aware that they need somewhere to go other than the side of the road which is not acceptable. It is better to have them in a proper serviced area rather than dropping in on a community park'. The travellers were served an eviction notice to leave by noon on Wednesday and eventually moved out after staying for three nights.

International Scouts work at St Michaels

During the world Scout Jamboree at Hylands Park in August, parties of scouts visited many places in the Borough to carry out goodwill tasks for the community. The churchyard at St Michael's in Galleywood was the scene of one of these activities. During three days, over 150 scouts carried out work in the churchyard under the supervision of volunteers from the Parish. Several trees were felled and the rampant Laurel which continuously invades the northern boundary was cleared. This will enable a survey of the native trees, many of which have suffered from the invasion of this evergreen shrub. Elsewhere another group of scouts was engaged in painting the white rails along the racecourse on the Common.

John Turkentine

Eagle kings of the darts league

Confirming their position at the top of the Ridley League, the Eagle darts team beat Rayne Cock in the divisional champions play-off at Dunmow's Flitch Snooker club. It was a repeat of the Eagle's 5-2 Cup- final triumph, but the Cock could have felt disappointed that the scoreline didn't reflect their part in the evening. Phil Barrett's smart 98 shot out in the opening clash against the Eagle's Alan Morton set the standard. Team-mate Noel Cummins' 103 kept the next game alive, only for Matt Doe to claim the deciding leg in a shower of four ton-plusses and Harry Smith notched 121 and 180 in the third leg to get the drop on fast-throwing Tony Hird. Lee Skinner justified his elevation to duty in place of unavailable Peter Cable with two clinical game shots. Despite a defeat for Alex Tinsley in straight sets, it was all over in the next game. Alan Church seemed to be left for dead but when his opponent hit double trouble he pounced gratefully. It was left to skipper Steve Tinsley to add the final winning point.


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