A snapshot of life in the village
1987 - 2007




Galleywood Newsletter Launched

The threat of housing development at Pipers Tye drew together a group of residents to form the Village Protection Group. During the resulting campaign to foster public support they developed a smooth organisation to disseminate information They are now drawing on these skills to produce a Galleywood Newsletter which will be distributed free to every house in the village. The first edition is accompanied by an Information Folder giving details of local public services and contact details of over forty local organisations. The material is produced by Alan and Shirley Thomas who also offer a large print version.

Art Club honours its founder

At the AGM of the Art Club in March this year, Ray Fullerton confirmed his decision to stand down as chairman. He thanked members for their support throughout the club's history since 1987. Artin Cornish presented a card and gifts on behalf of the members and thanked Ray for his work in developing the club. Members voted unanimously to offer Mr Fullerton life membership of the club and the position of Honorary President. His place as chairman is to be taken by local artist Colin Steed. Gordon Cook was elected treasurer.

Moral Code adopted by Councillors

At their meeting early in March, Parish councillors adopted the 'Moral Code of Conduct Order 2001'. The Code seeks to ensure the integrity and transparency of all activities by councillors when conducting the business of the Council. Personal interests in matters under discussion will be declared. Prejudicial interest is one that 'a member of the public with knowledge of the relevant facts would regard as so significant that it is likely to prejudice a member's judgement of the public interest.' Any member with a prejudicial interest would be required to withdraw from the room where a meeting is being held. A Register of Interests is being compiled which will be held available for public inspection.


Outstanding Villagers

At the Annual Parish Meeting, four people who have each made an outstanding contribution to the village over the past four years were presented with special awards.

Ray Thorne has been Social secretary of the Galleywood Social Club, governor of St. Michael’s Junior School and Galleywood Infant’s School and is currently chairman of the finance committee. He has served as a councillor on both Parish and Borough and was deputy mayor of Chelmsford in 1993.

Stan Church is an enthusiastic supporter of all Parish exhibitions. He was secretary of Galleywood football club and is a member of the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and the Parish's footpaths committee.

Charles Comport joined Galleywood Community Care in 1982, becoming chairman in 1985 and secretary in 1989. For 12 years he has helped with the weekly coffee mornings at Bekeswell Place, transporting goods and passengers.

David Stacy has been chairman and newsletter editor for Galleywood Common Association for 13 years. For the past three years he has chaired the Historical Society and been a Trustee of The Keene Hall. He has been writing the Galleywood Diary since 1995.

The village remembers Ken Howard

At a memorial service at St. Michael's on 18 November, around 600 family and friends gathered to celebrate the life of Ken Howard who died on November 10 aged 69. Ken was born at Parklands farm in 1933 and after finishing his schooling spent a year at Writtle College. Following National Service he became an enthusiastic member of the Young Farmers and it was here that he met Madeleine. They married in 1957 and had four daughters. He was never happier than when working at home and when his father died in 1961 he took over the running of the farm. Over the years he gradually expanded the farm and in recent years diversified the business to ensure that it remained sound. Ken was a keen member of the NFU and as an active member of the Chelmsford branch played his part in helping the development of the industry in the County. He had an extensive knowledge of country life and a lifetime love of horses. For many years he served as a Steward at the Essex Show and as Master of the Essex Farmers & Union Hunt he developed a wide circle of friends. He loved to socialise and when he became very ill it was typical that he should host a gathering of friends at Parklands that he openly acknowledged to be 'The Rehearsal of the Wake' He is succeeded by Madeleine and their four daughters, Anne, Christina (who now runs the farm), Elizabeth and Jo and eleven grandchildren.


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