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1987 - 2007




Local Churches celebrate Anniversaries

St Michael's is organising a series of events throughout 1998 to mark the 125th anniversary of the building of the church on The Common. Activities will include an Art Exhibition presented by the Galleywood Art Club, a cricket match, Fun Day at St Michael's School and a Flower Festival in October.

The Methodist chapel in Well Lane is also celebrating its 138th anniversary in May with a special service at which the guest preacher will be The Rev. Harold Fisher, a former minister at the Chapel.

Microsoft Office

The computer in the Parish Office has been updated with current versions of Windows 95 and MS Office. The equipment was also checked by the software installers to ensure a smooth transition into the year 2000. The widespread fear that older programmes using a two digit year date would not recognise the twenty-first century has come to be known as the 'Millennium Bug'

New Noticeboard at the Shops

The refurbishment of the shopping area continues with the installation of a new noticeboard. The black and gold 'Victoriana' style is now double-sided with the display panels protected by glazed windows. This protects the notices from the weather of course, but does mean that these must be submitted to the Clerk's office who hold the key to unlock the glass covers. The reverse side awaits the village map now being prepared.

Parish Awards for Community Service

At the Parish Council Open Forum held in the Keene Hall in April, four parishioners were presented with framed certificates to mark their outstanding services to the community.

Councillor Carol Colledge recalled the work of David Cook on the governing board of St Michael's Junior School for thirty one years and as chairman since 1987. His close involvement with every aspect of school life during that time had made a valuable contribution to family life in Galleywood. David was unable to attend on this occasion to receive his award.

The work of Philip Spencer, transport officer for Galleywood Voluntary Community Care, was praised by Councillor George Allen. The organising of many hundreds of journeys to doctors, clinics and hospitals had involved not merely a formidable telephone operation as Philip had undertaken many car trips himself.

Councillor Janette Potter praised the efforts of Ron White in constructing his photographic record of old Galleywood. He had presented twenty shows compiled from his collection of over 900 slides, prepared from pictures of Galleywood dating back to around 1850.

The announcement of the fourth award was made by Councillor David Stevenson. Joan Comport started her weekly coffee mornings at Bekeswell Place six years ago and these have provided an invaluable social service to older parishioners, many living alone. Joan also opened her large garden at the Old Vicarage for the annual coffee morning in aid of Community Care.


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