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1987 - 2007




B1007 Road Widening Scheme Abandoned

Following a discussion process that started in 1994, a proposal by the Borough Council and County Council to acquire a small section of The Common bordering the B1007 road has been turned down by the Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. The double bend just south of Ponds Road was identified as a 'High Risk Accident Site' in 1988 following a number of accidents. Some minor realignment was carried out in 1990 and although no further personal injury incidents have been recorded since then, a number of non-injury accidents are known to have occurred.

In 1994, The Chelmsford Borough Council (B1007 Stock Road Improvement Scheme) Compulsory Purchase Order was contested by several local residents, together with the Galleywood Common Association. The published plans to further alter the lines of the road were regarded not merely to contribute little to improved road safety, but likely to make matters worse by encouraging an increase in speed. The Galleywood Common Association was concerned about the piecemeal removal of small parcels of land too small to qualify for substitute land to be offered to The Common.

A steadily mounting pile of correspondence had accumulated by the time of the Hearing held in July 1997. Mr GE Winch, the independent Inspector conducted a detailed discussion with all parties and published his findings early in 1998. He noted that the Road Authorities had no plans to alter the road layout immediately but merely wished to minimise delay should the need arise in the future. The fact that no personal injuries had been recorded for seven years indicated that the earlier road adjustments had been effective. He felt that some remedial work on the road would be appropriate and the extension of the 30 mph limit to south of the Wood Farm car park and 40mph from that point to the A12 junction would be beneficial.
He concluded that the land was proposed to be acquired before reasonable time and recommended that the Scheme be not confirmed.

Bygones, Curios and Collections Show

The ever popular appeal of nostalgia brought large crowds to this event organised by the Parish Council in September. The centrepiece of the show, in the Keene Hall, was a display of wedding and bridesmaids dresses. Dating from 1874 to 1997, the 20 dresses provided a perfect backdrop to the fascinating array of memories of the past brought along by local people. Some had searched their cupboards and brought a couple of treasured items from the past. Others treated us to a look at some of the meticulous collections that their hobbies provide. As usual, Ron White's collection of photos was the source of great interest. The Norton motorcycle and the Morris Minor, along with a display of vintage prams, were displayed on the forecourt of the Hall to catch the eye of the passers by.

Community Care celebrates Twenty one Years

The garden at 'Stavely' in Slades Lane, home of Douglas and Gretna Godwin, was the setting for a Garden Party at the end of July. Galleywood Community Care has been providing its services in the village for twentyone years and marked the occasion by inviting around eighty guests to enjoy this beautiful setting. Early threatening skies gave way eventually to warm sunshine for the cake cutting ceremony. Chairman, The Rev. Stephen Bailey, vicar of St. Michael's, welcomed the Mayor and Mayoress and expressed his pleasure that the former chairman, Canon Allan Willett had made a return visit to Galleywood. The valuable work done by his successors, Charles Comport and Bill Freeman was also acknowledged, along with the many helpers who contribute to the work of the Association. The vicar concluded: '…As a Christian, I thank God for all those who have been inspired to help this Association in the past and pray that He will raise up similar people to carry on this work in the future.

Historical Society Launched

A packed audience at the Keene Hall attended the Inaugural Meeting of the Galleywood Historical Society, on Thursday 26 November.The evening was opened by Council Chairman, Ted Hawkins, who acknowledged that the decision to form the Society was largely inspired by the work of Ron White who had created an extensive photographic archive of Galleywood Village. Ron was later elected as president of the Society. Following a short formal meeting to elect officers, a committee and approve a Constitution, Christine Whybro gave a fascinating illustrated talk on the history of Galleywood at the time of the threatened Napoleonic invasion. This was highlighted by the appearance of John Wanmer, dressed in the authentic uniform of a rifleman of the period and later as an officer of the 44th East Essex Regiment of 1815.

The success of this first meeting indicates a promising future for this newly formed organisation.

Jane warms thing up

Parish clerk, Jane Head, took charge of a rather larger class than usual when she conducted a warm-up session before the start of the first Chelmsford Race for Life in aid of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund at Hylands Park. Almost 1000 women took part in the event over the 5km course. A fully trained fitness teacher, Jane taught in Newbury, Berkshire, before coming to Galleywood. She currently runs classes at Great Baddow and in Galleywood.


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