A snapshot of life in the village
1987 - 2007




Carnival winds Up

"The Galleywood Carnival Association recently called a public meeting at the British Legion Hall to decide the future of the event. The carnival had been abandoned after 1992 due to shortage of people willing to help with the organisation. This apathy was still evident when, apart from the president, John Smee and Bill Vicker, committee member, only six people turned up for this meeting. Bill Vicker said 'The association will cease to exist on December 31. Rather than let things drift on and on it means in the future another group could take up the name and start again if the interest is there.'

Equipment on loan to other organisations will be donated to them, and any outstanding funds donated to the children's hospice."

Daisy's Poetry gets into Print

A poem written by Daisy Dennis of Margaretting Road has been published in an anthology of poems entitled 'Voices on The Wind' Now a great grandmother, Daisy started writing poetry twenty years ago. The recently published poem was written after the birth of a neighbour's baby and is entitled 'An April Babe'.

"Hello, little one, born this April morn,

here were no great doctors to greet you

At this break of dawn.

Just a village nurse, eager and willing.

And now with watchful eye

Has lain you by your mother’s breast,and now she can rest.

Oh, little one born when daffodils

lift their golden heads to the sky,

Born to the song of a thrush,

Born just as the dark clouds are saying goodbye,

Born in the dawn’s quiet hush.

No mortal man can tell

What this great world holds for you,

Only heaven that secret could reveal,

But if life's journey continues, as it has begun

With promise of summer, oh little one

Then you will have a paradise that’s real."

Fog Cancels Hunt

The Hunt meeting on Galleywood Common, moved to New Year's Day from Boxing Day, was brought to an early close by Fog. Joint Hunt Master, Ken Howard, explained that the Hunt had turned out in the interests of tradition and the festive season and in the hope that the weather might improve.

Galleywood Exhibition 1996

The Parish staged its first exhibition in May this year at the Keene Hall. A steady procession of visitors passed through the Lodge Room and on into the main hall when the show opened at 2.00 pm. With every available space filled with exhibits, a small marquee was put up outside the kitchen to serve refreshments. During the afternoon , the Youth Service formally presented the Parish with the old village pump which had recently been discovered on their premises. Vice chairman Gordon Cameron in accepting the gift said he hoped that a suitable place would be found for the pump to be permanently on display. The colourful displays set out by local organisations attracted considerable interest and many reported increased support for their activities. A star attraction was Ron White’s display of photos of old Galleywood.

The following took part in the exhibition:

  • Adult Education
  • British Airports Authority
  • Leisure Services Department
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Cleaner Chelmsford Campaign
  • Essex & Suffolk Water
  • Essex County Council Transport
  • Essex County Fire & Rescue Services
  • 2nd Galleywood Brownies
  • Art Club
  • 1st Galleywood Guides
  • Village Watch
  • Local History Recorder
  • Galleywood Common Association
  • Cottage Garden Society
  • Childminders Group
  • Darby & Joan Club
  • Eagles Football Club
  • Infants School and Junior School
  • Horticultural Society
  • Keene Quilters
  • Modern Sequence Dance Club
  • Ladies Club
  • Youth Service
  • Library and Housebound Readers’ Service
  • Community Care
  • Childbirth Trust
  • Short Mat Bowls
  • Methodist Church
  • Parish Council
  • Womens’ Institute
  • Jo Jingles
  • Jubilee Park Pre School
  • Moulsham Lodge Police Station
  • Ron White-Photographs
  • Royal British Legion
  • Samaritans
  • Metcalf School of Dancing
  • St Michael’s Bell Ringing Assn
  • St Michael’s Church
  • Stables Nursery
  • Thriftwood School
  • Valhalla Venture Scouts
  • 1st Galleywood Scout Group

Galleywood Village Watch

"The Village Watch newsletter gave a brief account of the Annual General Meeting held in November last year. Janette Potter was re elected chairman for the coming year and the committee were re-elected en bloc. New Neighbourhood Watch signs have been ordered and application made to the Borough Council for planning permission in respect of additional signs. PC Kevin Bailey stressed that car alarms have been shown to be an effective deterrent to car thieves.

The crime list accompanying the report detailed incidents reported in December.

  • Caravan stolen from driveway by means of stolen car.
  • Wallet, Credit Cards and £50 cash stolen from unsecured Ford Escort.
  • Light bulbs removed from Christmas Tree in shopping precinct.
  • Honda Lawnmower value £928 stolen from outhouse.
  • 19 year old male arrested for discharging two shots from air pistol with intent to endanger life.
  • Air vent from ground floor maisonette removed and smashed.
  • Silver Ford Cortina removed from highway. Found abandoned in Highwood.
  • Vehicle excise licence stolen from secure, unattended vehicle.
  • Lawnmower value £600 stolen from secure shed.
  • Ford Sierra stolen from parking area later used to steal caravan. Recovered by police patrol.
  • Power tools value £1,285 stolen from secure garage.
  • Hand held Mercury phone stolen from unsecured van outside owners home.
  • Criminal Damage caused to building at Ace Fruit Farm.
  • Cheese Packers at Ace Fruit Farm. Goods value of £56 stolen.
  • Secure garage door forced open. Various power tools value £1,285 stolen. Garage lock damage. Quarter light window smashed to gain entry to BMW. Half of a Pioneer radio stolen. Value £315.
  • Secure back doors of Ford Transit forced. Various tools stolen value £300.
  • Lock on shed forced off. Shed entered. Pedal cycle stolen Value £150.
  • Locked garden shed entered. Pedal cycle stolen value £150.
  • Taxi driver punched in face for no reason by passenger (who had already paid for his fare!).
  • Person arrested for stealing £6.19 worth of goods from Co-Op store.
  • Two bottles of Gas stolen from MOCO service station. Value £30. Locks damaged £50.
  • Secure wooden shed forced open and two pedal cycles stolen value £270.
  • Shed on allotment forced open . Nothing stolen, damage £20.
  • Door window smashed to gain entry to Rover 820 saloon. Set of 'Howson' golf clubs and burglar alarm stolen, value £570.
  • Shed lock forced open. Fishing equipment, lawnmower and pressure washer stolen Value £1,800.
  • Various plants and flowers have been removed from graves at St Michael's Church over a short period of time. Currently under investigation to trace suspect."


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