A snapshot of life in the village
1987 - 2007




Great Excavations

For several months, the Parish has resounded to the noise of the drills and angle grinders of contractors intent on bringing facilities for cable communication to every house in the land. Hardly a road exists that does not bear the scars of the trenching operation to bury the green plastic trunking past every residence. Some concern has been expressed about the damage to trees, and the Parish Council has posted notices asking to be advised of any instances of avoidable damage to trees.

James Croft Development - Well Lane

This small development was commenced during 1995 by Jarvis Builders. The seven detached houses were offered at prices ranging from £165,000 to £197,500. The high quality specifications which included burglar alarm, fan oven, gas or electric hob, wiring for piped video throughout and electrically operated garage doors, were matched by suitably prestigious house style names such as Windsor, Balmoral, Sandringham. An optional extra offered piping for a central vacuum system. The original plan for eight properties was most likely frustrated by the reluctance of an adjacent owner to sell off part of his garden.

New Footpath for The Street

A Tarmac footpath with concrete kerb has been installed down the west side of The Street between Chaplin Close and Well Lane. At the same time a traffic constriction has been constructed near the junction with Twitten Lane, giving priority to Southbound vehicles. This development brought some initial disapproval from some residents who felt that the rural aspect of the road was under threat. The hope is that the increased safety for pedestrians will, in time, overcome such objections.

Nursery Closure Threat

The Jack and Jill Day Nursery in Rignals Lane which provides care for over forty children will have to close on December 22 unless alternative premises can be found. The site is scheduled for housing development and Tanya Sewell, who runs the nursery says the prospect of finding new premises is bleak.

Paper Recycling

Two metal bins for the collection of newspapers, magazines and junk mail have now been added to the glass recycling containers already positioned in the car park by the library in Watchouse Road.


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