A snapshot of life in the village
1987 - 2007





The Galleywood Short Mat Bowls Club has organised a 'Bowlathon' to raise money for charity. Members took part in four-hourly sessions over a twelve hour period. The entry fee was £5 and a raffle helped to swell the funds. Club chairman John Hayward said 'We had an excellent day.' All those who participated enjoyed themselves and we raised over £330 for the Parkinsons Disease Society and BLISS - Baby Life Support Appeal.

Eagle Chimneys make a Come back

Changes in the appearance of a well known landmark on the Stock Road brought complaints last year. The construction of a porch and removal of the two chimneys from the Eagle Public House prompted a meeting between the Borough Council Planning Enforcement team and the brewers. A Listed Building Enforcement Notice, issued in May this year, required the replacement of the chimneys, demolition of the front porch and …'the definition within the external plasterwork of a number of openings which have been covered over'.

Plumber freed from jail on appeal

Raymond Ward was freed from five months in prison after awaiting an extradition hearing. The Galleywood plumber was wanted by Australian police, accused of taking part in an armed robbery nearly ten years ago. He was woken last September by armed police surrounding his home and sent to prison despite protesting his innocence. 'Nobody but my solicitor wanted to hear my side of the story. I’ve lost five months income and I'm, close to broke. It was a misunderstand after a conversation that took place with some guests at a barbecue at my home in Sydney. It was claimed I had spoken to someone about planning the robbery but I did no such thing. I rang the police and they confirmed what had been said so I returned to England because I was fearful of being framed for something I had no knowledge of. I was in England when the robbery took place in March 1984.' Two armed men had made off with an army payroll of $140,463. Ward had been living in England for ten years and made no attempt to change his name or disguise himself. Eventually, two high court judges agreed that if would be oppressive to extradite him and allowed him so be freed immediately from Chelmsford prison.

Stables Day Nursery Opens

"The transformation of the near derelict Glenridge Cottages on The Common into a fully equipped Day Nursery is now complete and this new venture was opened by Councillor Janette Potter on 1st October. Sue Mann and her partner Avis Richardson have tackled this daunting task with a dedicated and professional approach and the fact that their establishment meets the exacting standards required by the Local Authority puts the seal on their efforts.

A grassed area with mature trees has been enclosed to provide a garden play space, and the cottage rooms are now bright with pastel colours and fully equipped to provide a warm secure environment for children from three months to school age. Children and babies are in the care of fully qualified Nursery Nurses and assistants and the entrance, on the west side of the Depot, allows cars to pick up and deposit children away from the road."


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