A snapshot of life in the village
1987 - 2007




Birches Walk named

The cul-de-sac,  Private Way, turns off Margaretting Road a short distance from the crossroads at The Eagle, and provides access to a development of new homes extending down to the rear of the house called Badgers on The Common. For some time, the name has been confused with Private Road at the end of Bekeswell Lane. A survey of residents conducted by Jill Carter of Heseltines resulted in general approval for the road to be renamed Birches Walk. The appropriate authorities were consulted and in due course a sign carrying the new name was erected. The occupants of the four original bungalows, Kars, Airdenie, Rose Bay and Sheringham, built, some twenty-four years earlier, preferred to maintain their long standing address as Margaretting Road with the properties named on a board at the end of their access road.

Brook Lane diverted

The southern end of Brook Lane has been severed by the new A12 bypass and the lane diverted to the East to run parallel with the main road. It now joins West Hanningfield Road by the new bridge over the by-pass. The obsolete section of the lane has had, in the official jargon, 'Highway Rights Extinguished'.

Charles Cottey

Charles Cottey, MBE., of Wood Farm, known affectionately as 'Mr Galleywood' died this year aged 84. His long service to the Chelmsford Council was recognised in 1984 when he was elected an Honorary Alderman. He was a Parish Councillor for 34 years, a member of the Rural District Council for 21 years and a governor of many local schools over a period of 40 years. Cottey House, the warden controlled housing for the elderly in Watchouse Road, was named after him to commemorate his huge contribution to housing in the community and in particular to this development in Galleywood.  He was also a Special Constable for 30 years having enrolled in the General Strike in 1926. Devoted to the church, he served as a Churchwarden at St Michael’s Church for 30 years. At his funeral service the church was full to capacity to pay tribute to this outstanding man and give thanks for his work in the community.

Community Care Lunches lose support

At a Committee meeting of the Community Care Association held at Pryors Road, Chairman, Mr Comport, read a statement from Mr D Cook saying that the lunch club would have to close after Easter due to poor response to appeals for volunteers. The club had provided the service to local elderly people for eleven years but numbers had fallen lately, probably due to the Meals-on-wheels Service. It was agreed that the service would be resumed if the need arose in the future. Treasurer, Mrs Harman, gave her report and said she would be retiring at the AGM in May.

Golden Wedding Surprise

Maude and Wilfred Yeoman of Pyms Road, were given a surprise party to celebrate their Golden Wedding by their daughter Kathleen at her home in Linnet Drive. Originally from Sunderland, the couple moved to Chelmsford the day after they were married. Wilfred worked at Hoffmans until he retired.

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