Gipsies invade Jubilee Park

A group of around 50 travellers set up camp in Jubilee Park early in September. A dozen or so caravans along with cars and lorries drove on to the field on a Monday night. Within hours the play area in the park had been taken over by youngsters from the group, prompting clashes with local children. Local parents declared the park a no-go zone and boycotted classes at nearby pre-schools. Residents say that more authorised sites are needed across the county to prevent further illegal camping.

Parish Council chairman John Turkentine said: ‘Everyone is aware that they need somewhere to go other than the side of the road which is not acceptable. It is better to have them in a proper serviced area rather than dropping in on a community park’. The travellers were served an eviction notice to leave by noon on Wednesday and eventually moved out after staying for three nights.