Galleywood History goes into Print

A Thesis entitled ’19th Century Galleywood’, written for her teaching certificate by Christine Whybro, has rested on the reference shelves of Chelmsford Library since 1975. This original version, typewritten with pasted photo copies of photographs, has now been published in a typeset litho printed edition and consequently available to a much wider audience. The photos, supplied mostly by John Chaplin, with a couple by Ron White, are much improved by the offset reproduction.

Whilst many show scenes now changed almost beyond recognition, some landmarks dating from even earlier times are keenly identified by the many readers.

The 96 page book gives a detailed picture of life in the hamlet as it gradually became a village. It is the result of countless hours of research at the Essex Record Office and Christine, now Mrs Potter and living at Colchester, has found no shortage of buyers at just £6. She says ‘ ..selling through the book trade would have meant adding a considerable mark up so we decided to keep the price reasonable and just cover the cost of production.’