Daisy’s Poetry gets into Print

A poem written by Daisy Dennis of Margaretting Road has been published in an anthology of poems entitled ‘Voices on The Wind’ Now a great grandmother, Daisy started writing poetry twenty years ago. The recently published poem was written after the birth of a neighbour’s baby and is entitled ‘An April Babe’.

Hello, little one, born this April morn,
here were no great doctors to greet you
At this break of dawn.

Just a village nurse, eager and willing.
And now with watchful eye
Has lain you by your mother’s breast,and now she can rest.

Oh, little one born when daffodils
lift their golden heads to the sky,
Born to the song of a thrush,
Born just as the dark clouds are saying goodbye,
Born in the dawn’s quiet hush.

No mortal man can tell
What this great world holds for you,
Only heaven that secret could reveal,
But if life’s journey continues, as it has begun
With promise of summer, oh little one
Then you will have a paradise that’s real.