Country Promenade

“In order to make the countryside more available to the public, especially those with disabilities and the elderly, a small area of land has been chosen as a Country Promenade. This is located in an area off Brook Lane where a seat has been installed with a small parking area. It commands beautiful views over the southern part of Galleywood and the surrounding district and is the first of its kind in the Chelmsford area. It has been made available by the Chelmsford Borough Council in consultation with the Galleywood Parish council and with the kind cooperation of local farmers.

Alongside the Promenade, the Parish Council have purchased a piece of ancient woodland called The Spinney comprising about two thirds of an acre. The mature native trees are Oak, Ash and Hornbeam with a comparatively rare Wild Service tree growing on the east edge of the pond within the woodland. Other trees include Field Maple, Elm, Hazel, Elder, Dogwood, Holly, Hawthorn and Blackthorn. Paths have been constructed to assist people in wheelchairs and parents with children in pushchairs. A ‘dipping’ platform is being built by the side of the pool for children who wish to learn more about pond life.”