B1007 Road Widening Scheme Abandoned

Following a discussion process that started in 1994, a proposal by the Borough Council and County Council to acquire a small section of The Common bordering the B1007 road has been turned down by the Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. The double bend just south of Ponds Road was identified as a ‘High Risk Accident Site’ in 1988 following a number of accidents. Some minor realignment was carried out in 1990 and although no further personal injury incidents have been recorded since then, a number of non-injury accidents are known to have occurred.

In 1994, The Chelmsford Borough Council (B1007 Stock Road Improvement Scheme) Compulsory Purchase Order was contested by several local residents, together with the Galleywood Common Association. The published plans to further alter the lines of the road were regarded not merely to contribute little to improved road safety, but likely to make matters worse by encouraging an increase in speed. The Galleywood Common Association was concerned about the piecemeal removal of small parcels of land too small to qualify for substitute land to be offered to The Common.

A steadily mounting pile of correspondence had accumulated by the time of the Hearing held in July 1997. Mr GE Winch, the independent Inspector conducted a detailed discussion with all parties and published his findings early in 1998. He noted that the Road Authorities had no plans to alter the road layout immediately but merely wished to minimise delay should the need arise in the future. The fact that no personal injuries had been recorded for seven years indicated that the earlier road adjustments had been effective. He felt that some remedial work on the road would be appropriate and the extension of the 30 mph limit to south of the Wood Farm car park and 40mph from that point to the A12 junction would be beneficial.
He concluded that the land was proposed to be acquired before reasonable time and recommended that the Scheme be not confirmed.