A link with the Past

“On February 1, a small ceremony took place on the Green at Pipers Tye. A replica of the pump that supplied residents there with water until the coming of mains supplies in the early part of the century was handed over to the Parish Council by a local resident, Norman Bayes whose home overlooks the Green. A retired engineer, Mr Bayes spent over eighty hours building the pump and its wooden cover, and reproducing the railings that originally surrounded it.

In making the presentation , Mr Bayes said, ‘I would like to thank Galleywood Parish Council for giving me this opportunity of fulfilling a long felt wish to restore this pump. When I was a child, staying at my grandmother’s home, which was just over the road, I used to come over here and draw water at the pump in the early thirties. In those days there was no mains water in this part of the village. I’ve enjoyed making what you see before you, and hope it will remain a point of interest and a link with the past for people in the future. Thank you all for coming. I’ve been most surprised at the interest shown in the project and now I have great pleasure in formally handing this pump over to the Parish Council.’

Responding, the Chairman of the Council, Ted Hawkins said ‘I would just like to express on behalf of the Parish Council our tremendous thanks to you and our gratitude for giving us today this magnificent pump that stood on Pipers Tye until the nineteen twenties. As you can all see, it is beautifully constructed and designed and is a great focal point on this most attractive green of ours. I also think it’s a superb landmark for us to see and enjoy as we go along the Watchouse Road in and out of Galleywood. It takes us back in time to what Galleywood was like about seventy years ago before we had mains water. In those days, Galleywood was just a small rural hamlet with about eight hundred people compared with about six and half thousand today. The pattern of life was very different in those times – it was mainly farming here, or work to do with the horse racing events on Galleywood Common. So I would now like to mark this historic occasion by attaching this plaque to the pump.’

The plaque reads:

Replica of the village pump that stood on Pipers Tye until the 1990s.”