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  Design Statement launched
  The culmination of nearly two years hard work by a devoted band of enthusiasts resulted in the launch of the Village Design Statement in May. The Keene Hall was set out with an impressive display of photos, maps and charts to reveal the detailed research that has gone into the production of a highly professional document printed in full colour. The views of residents were consulted at every stage as all aspects of the village scene were examined.. The Statement has received the approval of the Borough Council and is now adopted as the guidance instrument for all future development of the village. Thanks were expressed to all the team working on the project and copies will be available to all parishioners.
  Source: Year: 2005
  Diamond Wedding for the Fullertons
  Ray and Joyce Fullerton were married at the now demolished St Peter's Church during twelve days leave at the end of the Second World War. Ray was a staff sergeant with Essex Yeomanry and worked on many covert missions. In his younger days he had been a champion athlete and won a place in the national county championships. In 1934, with the late Arthur Beeton, he founded the Chelmsford Athletic Club and served on the board of the Amateur Athletic Association. He was one of the people who persuaded Chelmsford Borough Council to create Melbourne stadium. Joyce came to Chelmsford in 1924 aged four and later worked for the Essex education department. Being Welsh she joined many local choirs and has also been a helper for Farleigh Hospice and a nurse for St John Ambulance. The celebration took place in Broomfield hospital where Joyce has been a patient for nearly a year with a serious kidney complaint.
  Source: Essex Chronicle Year: 2005
  Historic win by Galleywood team
  Division two Galleywood overwhelmed their more illustrious visitors White Ensign in the semi final of the Premier Cup. Their opponents only chance came in the second half when a shot from inside the penalty area hit the post. Howard Mackler opened the scoring in the first half with a penalty. Thirteen minutes into the second half, Adam Mason ;let fly with a ground skimming shot that left the visitors' goal keeper standing. With 14 minutes of the game left, Sean Kinnear broke through the defence and after avoiding a tackle slotted the ball into the net to make it 3-0. Four minutes from the end a clumsy challenge near the goal line resulted in a second penalty being awarded and Sean Kinnear netted his second goal to make the final score 4-0 to put Galleywood into the final for the first time in their history.
  Source: Essex Chronicle Year: 2005
  More hours for the club
  The Galleywood Social Club in The Street has had its application to sell alcohol extended until 11.30 pm from Monday to Thursday and to 12.30 pm on Friday and Saturday and 11 pm on Sunday. Complaints about noise from the club had been raised by Dr Wilson, an intensive care specialist, who had moved into his house in Chaplin Close immediately behind the club. The club chairman, Roy Norfolk, said that windows had been left open in the summer because heat from equipment in the bar had affected staff. He said that all live performances had now been moved to the former British Legion Hall at the front of the premises. Councillors at the licensing committee agreed the extension could go ahead subject to all doors and windows being closed when music is playing and a noise limiter device being fitted.
  Source: Essex Chronicle Year: 2005
  New Incumbent at the Vicarage
  Following the retirement of the Rev. Stephen Bailey and his wife, Jennifer, in September 2004, St Michael's church entered a period of 'interregnum' during which the Church Council prepared a printed document to present to prospective candidates for the post of vicar. This Profile of the Parish set out a detailed description of the structure of the two congregations that make up St Michael's and the Mission that guides the worship in Galleywood. After interviewing several applicants, it was decided to invite Andy Griffiths to take up the post. Andy has been Associate Vicar in the village since early 2004. He trained as a vicar in Durham after training Christian workers in Budapest and, for two years, in France. Before coming to Galleywood, he was assistant chaplain of St Michael's in Paris. His wife, Alison has been teaching French in Slough and English as a foreign language in Budapest, Paris and Darlington. They have a daughter, Bethany, who is three and a half.
  Source: Viewpoint Parish Magazine Year: 2005
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