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  Funeral of Kosovo Soldier
  The funeral of Trooper Adam Slater was held at St Michael's Church in April with full military honours. Twenty four year old Adam of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers was serving in Kosovo when his Scimitar armoured vehicle hit a landmine. He had served in the Balkans for two years and had volunteered to serve in Kosovo. His commanding officer told mourners that Adam had fulfilled his ambition to join the army when he was 22 and had quickly established himself as a successful and outstanding soldier. Adam's parents, Jean and Terry, were accompanied by their elder son, Julian and Adam's fiancee Lindy. They had planned to marry in the same church next year.
  Source: Essex Chronicle Year: 2001
  Hockey Pitch Protest
  Plans for a new international standard hockey pitch in Chelmer Park in Beehive Lane brought protests from local residents at a meeting of the Chelmsford Borough Council’s environment committee. The committee was told that although the application from Chelmsford Hockey Club described the pitch as 'international' this was misleading. The pitch was to be constructed to international standards but there were no plans to play international matches there. The application also proposed an extension to the existing sports pavilion and increased parking facilities. Concerns were expressed about increased noise and increased flood lighting. The chairman of the committee said that many of the arguments put forward were not material considerations when determining a planning application. Although the Council officers recommended approval, they agreed to a proposal by Councillor Freda Mountain that they make a site visit before coming to a decision.
  Source: Essex Chronicle Year: 2001
  Horse Power Clears The Common
  As part of the ten year plan for the management of The Common, parts of the woodland are being cleared of undergrowth and brush by the Borough Council. To assist with the removal of scrub, Willows and Birch, they are using a couple of Ardennes horses. Pulling a simple sled, they are able to work over soft ground that would otherwise be severely churned up be a modern vehicle. This innovative scheme attracted the attention of press and TV and brought admiring comments from all observers.
  Source: Galleywood Common Association Newsletter Year: 2001
  Maurice Giles centenarian fell walker
  One of the county’s oldest men, Maurice Giles, who died in March aged 101, loved fell walking and planned to return to his favourite paths in the Outer Hebrides and Cumbria this summer. North London-born Maurice passed away peacefully at his home in Galleywood Road, having lived an independent life to the end. He was pre-deceased by his wife, Gladys, who lived until she was 88, and leaves four children and a considerable family tree. The retired deputy county surveyor attributed his long life to a strong personal faith, saying God had entrusted his body and life to him, and it was his duty not to misuse it, but look after it. He set a fine example to his family by the way he lived, his devotion to his wife and his insatiable interest in and care of all things living. Last year he was honoured, together with other local centenarians, by Chelmsford Borough Council at a Hylands House tea party to mark the Queen Mother's 100th birthday. Maurice was mentally and physically active all his life, walking up Cader Idris and Snowdon, North Wales, just before his 90th birthday . He spent his 100th birthday in mid-November 1999 walking the Fells. Too young to see active service in the First World War, he was on his way to Egypt to learn to fly for the RAF in Egypt when the armistice was declared, having lost his beloved brothers Geoffrey and Eric in the bloody battles of the Somme. Maurice graduated from Cambridge as a civil engineer and his first job was inspecting and maintaining the Jodhpur-Bikaner Railway, North India, and his fortnightly letters provide a fascinating insight into life under the British Raj. He returned home in 1924, working in Kent and East Sussex highways departments, marrying Gladys (nee Pope) in 1934 and shortly moving to Essex working for county highways. Although too old to fight in the Second World War, he volunteered and was put in charge of a Home Guard searchlight detachment deployed at Felixstowe, Stansted and other parts of the county. Maurice was commissioned to recruit a road construction company from Essex volunteers, forming Company 807 from men he knew through the county’s highways department. Company 807’s projects included extending and lengthening runways at Reykjavik, Iceland, and at Gibraltar to enable them to be used by long range American bombers. They were posted to Belgium as the Allies advanced towards Nazi Germany and then he returned to his county council post until he retired at 65 in 1965.
  Source: Essex Chronicle Year: 2001
  Message of Support to New York
  Following the terrorist attack in New York on September 11, a Book of Condolence was opened at the Parish Exhibition. The Book, together with money collected, was sent to the Mayor of New York and was acknowledged by the following letter.

Embassy of the United States of America


Dear Galleywood Parish Council,

On behalf of the Embassy Community and all of my Fellow Americans, I want to thank you for your words of comfort and moral support following the terrorist attacks on September 11. I would also like to thank you for your financial contribution. During this tragic time, I have been moved by the outpouring of sympathy from all parts of the United Kingdom. Our two nations have stood together during tough times. This occasion is a fresh test of our collective resolve. Your personal message, and those of your government, will strengthen our resolve to continue the fight against the forces of terrorism and hatred.

As President Bush said, 'Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America.'

Acting together, civilised people everywhere will bring peace and security to the world. We have overcome enemies before, and with your strength and support we will do so this time as well.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


William S. Farish

  Source: Year: 2001
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